Who doesn’t love gadgets – especially wholesale gadgets. “A gadget is a small and often novel mechanical or electronic device or contrivance,” according to the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus. Whether you call it a gizmo, widget, or other term, when they are wholesale gadgets, they are even more appealing. And wholesale gadgets are even better when they are more than useful.

My Doc Allen’s VersaTool fits the definition of a gadget perfectly. It is a small, novel, and simple mechanical tool of the highest quality and usefulness. With its own compact carrying case, the VersaTool fits nicely into bike bags, glove compartments, and tackle boxes. It is a great gadget.

And it is even better because you can buy it for wholesale prices. It is a great deal all the way around. This is one versatile tool that is inexpensive retail, so when there are quantity discounts, it’s an opportunity you can’t pass up and can be counted as one of those ‘must have’ wholesale gadgets.