Gifts For Guys Who Ski

Ski binding is the most important safety gear used while skiing. Along with ski boots, ski bindings form a connection between one’s body and the skis.

Most skiers and snowboarders buy their equipment with bindings already mounted…this is good because it helps ensure safe binding installation. But bindings sometimes work loose or binding screws get ripped out.

Ski bindings have to be set correctly with ski shoes to provide maximum comfort and security. There are release settings in ski bindings which are determined by several factors like height, weight, boot length and type and on the skill level of the individual. Another important part of ski binding is an anti friction device that reduces friction when toe-piece is released sideways.

That means skiers should be prepared on the slopes. With Doc Allen’s VersaTool, there is no need for a back pack full of a multitude of tools. The VersaTool is self contained in one convenient small water resistant pouch that can be carried on a belt, bag, or pocket.

You can ski with confidence knowing you are prepared with Doc Allen’s VersaTool, the gift for guys who are skiers.

Be balanced and controlled with Doc Allen’s VersaTool.