Gifts For Guys Who Are Fishermen

A broken fishing reel can be a minor inconvenience when it’s discovered at home—unless it is the day before you plan to leave for that fishing trip you’ve been planning. And what if you discover a broken fishing reel while on your fishing trip?
With a few simple tools, you can overcome most reel breakdowns.

Whether the problem is with the anti-reverse spring or bail spring, the two most common problems, or something else, having the multi-functional Doc Allen’s VersaTool in your tackle box will be a reel saver.

With Doc Allen’s VersaTool, you will have more than the standard screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, and socket wrench in varying sizes in the compact 3-1/4” x 4” water resistant cloth zippered pouch. And by adding a small multi-function pliers tool in with the pouch, that’s all you will need to stay fishing.

The VersaTool is stainless steel and durable. Perfect for any fisherman.