Gifts For Guys Who Boat

Every time you go sailing or boating, you should carry a small selection of tools for basic repairs. You should go through your boat to figure out which specific tools you will need, but many of the tools can been condensed in to one by using Doc Allen’s VersaTool.

Doc Allen’s VersaTool tucks nicely into the container you will store screws, nuts and other small items that might be handy for repairs. Or Doc Allen’s VersaTool can be attached to your tool belt in you have a large cruiser.

So, for the very basic repairs you might need until you return to the marina or port, along with your manuals, duct tape, resin kit, super glue, hammer, drill, flashlight, canvas repair kit, spanners, wire cutters, you should have that multi-functional tool like Doc Allen’s VersaTool.

The VersaTool can be expanded beyond the driver, bit pack, and adjustable torque drive handle to meet any additional needs—and for all the things you didn’t expect.