Gifts For Guys Who Do Automotive Work

Whether you are a serious auto buff or not, having the right tools is imperative for a successful repair.

Working with tools made of durable material with quality craftsmanship are a must. And that describes Doc Allen’s VersaTool to a tee. The stainless steel lever ring and sliding adapter even have a 99-year warranty. Doc Allen’s VersaTool includes the Flat head screwdriver bits (5/16”, 9/32”, ¼”, and 1/8”), Phillips head screwdriver bits ( #1, #2, and #3), Allen head bits (7/64”, 5/32”, 7/32”, and ¼”) along with the hex bits, socket wrench, hex adapter, and extension, various torque settings can be applied. And the hex adapter can be used as a finger driver.

With the VersaTool, getting in to small places is a snap.

Whether you are working on engines or other parts, the VersaTool is an excellent companion to the usual automotive tools—some of which can be add-ons to the VersaTool.

Since the Doc Allen VersaTool uses standard sizes, other tools can be easily added to the compact zippered pouch with the optional belt loop feature. Having a convenient, multi-functional tool is just the thing for your tool box, tool belt, pocket or glove box.

So, gather your knowledge, patience, and Doc Allen’s VersaTool.