Doc Allen's VersaTool

Complete set of tools that fits in your pocket!

A handy, easy to carry tool kit that you can make your own!

Owners can expand the use of the kits by adding various hex bits and 1/4″ sockets and other accessories that are inexpensive and readily available from local tool, automotive and hardware stores.

VersaTool is a compact tool kit developed to be immediately available for use.  This simple stainless steel handle with sliding adapter can be used with all types of 1/4″ hex bits (slots, Allen, Phillips, etc) as well as all 1/4″ sockets.

The uniqueness of the VersaTool is the sliding adapter on the loop handle, which allows the tool to be used as a screwdriver or socket wrench with variable leverage.  A  water resistant wallet-sized pouch with belt loop is provided to store the tool and accessories.  There are 11 assorted screwdriver bits with holder, extension shaft, and 1/4″ adapter included in the kit.