Great gifts for guys that own motor homes!

This is a reprint from the July 2003 issue of Motor Home

This article is a reprint from the original in Motor Home, July 2003 page 110.

Doc Allen’s VersaTool is designed to help save space in your already cluttered motor home toolbox.

The VersaTool can take the place of 11 bulkier and much heavier screwdrivers and also offers advantages not possible with conventional tools, according to the company. It features a loop handle and a sliding adapter, which allows it to function as a screwdriver or a wrench with variable leverage from the handle. VersaTool comes with 11 bits and an extension shaft in a 3 1/4 X 4-inch wallet-size water-resistant pouch. It’s also compatible with most 1/4-inch hex bits and sockets, according to the company. Doc Allen’s VersaTool Ltd., (866) 844-8282. Circle 260 on Reader Service Card.