Doc Allen’s VersaTool fits the word search category “gift for guys”.  The VersaTool also fits the categories of “unique gift for guys” and “useful gift for guys”.  There are many other word searches you could use.  Like “quality gift for guys”, “multi-functional gift for guys” and “inexpensive gift for guys”.

That’s because I made the Doc Allen’s VersaTool to be handy, compact, stainless steel, and a multi-functional tool everyone loves to have nearby.  Its universal sizing makes it easy to add to as a way to expand its usefulness.  Bikers, hobbyists, skiers, fishermen and others all find this tool one of the best gift for guys they’ve received.

Another other handy, useful and quality gift for guys might include Gillette or Braun.  Cool for a slick shave, but not as multi-functional as the VersaTool.  Braun is even found under the “useful gifts for guys”. Rightly so, but it’s still shy in its multi-usefulness.

When you are looking for a gift for guys, check out Doc Allen’s VersaTool. It will be a long lasting, well appreciated compact gift.