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Wholesale gifts for guys are better when they are useful and multi-functional.

Wholesale gifts for guys can vary in type of category, quality, and price.  Within a given category, the quality and price varies.

There are wholesale gifts for guys categories that range from “intellectual” to “unique.”  Once in a while you can find wholesale gifts for guys that are in the category of “do-it-yourself“.  There should be a category like “useful” when searching for wholesale gifts for guys.

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The definition of a gadget…

Who doesn’t love gadgets – especially wholesale gadgets. “A gadget is a small and often novel mechanical or electronic device or contrivance,” according to the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus. Whether you call it a gizmo, widget, or other term, when they are wholesale gadgets, they are even more appealing. And wholesale gadgets are even better when they are more than useful.

My Doc Allen’s VersaTool fits the definition of a gadget perfectly. It is a small, novel, and simple mechanical tool of the highest quality and usefulness. With its own compact carrying case, the VersaTool fits nicely into bike bags, glove compartments, and tackle boxes. It is a great gadget.

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Here’s a well received wholesale gift ideas for your catalog or online store

Finding new wholesale gift ideas for your catalog or online store is difficult at times.  When searching for wholesale gift ideas for your catalog or online store, you want something unique, something useful, something inexpensive enough people can afford them, and something of high quality so the word will spread and more people will come to your catalog or online store and purchase your gift ideas.

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Bulk, small or large quantities wholesale gifts for guys and gals is made easy.

I think, as wholesale gifts for guys goes, my Doc Allen’s VersaTool is a hit.  Rave reviews keep coming in, as I knew they would as word got out.  I designed this tool to be everything you could want when you need something compact, light weight, durable and versatile.  Even customers who bought just one thought it was great enough to buy more for gifts.  So, the VersaTool is great for retail or wholesale gifts for guys and gals.

Being able to buy direct with discounts for larger quantities helps those customers who are interested in buying wholesale gifts for guys and gals.  So, whether you are adding to your merchandise, planning a fundraiser, or buying for friends and family, buying bulk or in larger quantities is perfect for your wholesale gifts for guys.

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Smart, compact & multi-purpose wholesale gadgets: Buy more – Save more

Being able to find Wholesale gadgets is handy when you want to buy more than one gadget at a time for personal use, for catalogs, or for stores.  My Doc Allen’s VersaTool is a smart choice for wholesale gadgets because it has a great reputation for being one of the best compact, multi-purpose, high quality tools on the market.  The best news is this gadget is available wholesale or retail based on quantity.

If you are not looking for wholesale gadgets but you are looking just one gadget for personal use, whether you are wanting a convenient multi-purpose tool for various jobs around the house, or you are looking for the perfect gadget to give as a gift for your guy, this multi-purpose hand tool fits the bill.

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This thing is awesome!

Received my tool today. This thing is awesome! It’ll become my go to gift option for all of those people who have everything. Thanks!

Brett from Santa Monica, CA
    October 2017
    M T W T F S S
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