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Cooltools review shows Doc Allen’s VersaTool a great gift for guys.

We all look for the perfect gift for guys and I’ve mentioned how Doc Allen’s VersaTool is a perfect gift for guys, but when I found this review, well, I thought it shows just how versatile and handy this gift for guys can be.

From the “cooltools” archives, John Rigby wrote:  “When I am wearing my 5.11 tactical cargo pants, this pocket-sized screwdriver/Allen-wrench with interchangeable bits always goes in the right-hand cargo pocket. I’ll often use the screwdriver of my Leatherman several times a day, but the VersaTool does a better job due to the interchangeable bits (better fit to the screws). Also, the handle can be adjusted to provide additional leverage or to fit tight spots. To get greater torque, you just slide the handle into “T” or “L” configurations. Recently, I used it to reinstall a bathroom cabinet door that the kids somehow managed to detach. My kids are good at dismantling things, so having this on hand saves time and allows me to complete repairs immediately without having to remember to return to them later. In one weekend, I also managed to complete several repairs on my truck without having to grab the tool box. Interestingly, the hex adapter will disconnect and the VersTool will then accept any 1/4″ socket so that it can be used as a nut driver. I do not have enough room left in my pockets for a set of 1/4″ sockets, but I plan on buying a couple more VersaTools, one of which I’ll be dropping in my briefcase long with a spare socket set.”

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For inexpensive gift ideas, Doc Allen’s VersaTool can’t be beat.

Inexpensive gift ideas can come in handy when you are having trouble thinking of the perfect gift, so here is one gift idea you can’t beat.

Doc Allen’s VersaTool is tops when it comes to inexpensive gift ideas.  The VersaTool is convenient and long-lasting.  For anyone who uses screwdrivers and small sockets and needs varying levels of torque, this is the tool to have!  Especially when you can add pieces to it to customize its use.

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‘useful gift for guys’ – just one category to find a great gift for guys.

Doc Allen’s VersaTool fits the word search category “gift for guys”.  The VersaTool also fits the categories of “unique gift for guys” and “useful gift for guys”.  There are many other word searches you could use.  Like “quality gift for guys”, “multi-functional gift for guys” and “inexpensive gift for guys”.

That’s because I made the Doc Allen’s VersaTool to be handy, compact, stainless steel, and a multi-functional tool everyone loves to have nearby.  Its universal sizing makes it easy to add to as a way to expand its usefulness.  Bikers, hobbyists, skiers, fishermen and others all find this tool one of the best gift for guys they’ve received.

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Buying gifts for men and gifts for women

I’ve heard from many customers who tell me the Doc Allen VersaTool is great for gifts for men and gifts for women, too.  The VersaTool makes great gifts for men and gifts for women – anyone – who fishes, bikes, dives, skis, does handy work, tinkers, small repairs, . . .

Gifts for men - Doc Allen's VersaTool

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A quick overview of a great gift for guys.

For those who are looking for a gift for guys, I thought a quick overview of my Doc Allen’s VersaTool might help with your choice.  Doc Allen’s VersaTool is a handy and easy-to-carry tool kit. When choosing your gift for guys, you consider things like versatility, quality craftsmanship, durability, cost.  And that is why so many people are choosing Doc Allen’s VersaTool as their gift for guys.

Made of stainless steel, the VersaTool comes with 11 standard hex bits and a 2-extension adapter. Its ¼ hex adapter slides around the ring so you can choose a suitable torque position, and the adapter can be removed and used as a finger driver.  With the VersaTool’s standard part sizes, another asset is that you can increase the versatility by adding a few items that conveniently fit in its small 3 x 4 zippered pouch with belt loop.  It lasts and its a power horse.

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This thing is awesome!

Received my tool today. This thing is awesome! It’ll become my go to gift option for all of those people who have everything. Thanks!

Brett from Santa Monica, CA
    November 2017
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